Basic Workshop

Basic Workshop – Darlington, 24th to 27th June 2019

And here’s yet another happy group who’ve just completed 4 fun-filled Basic Workshop learning days, hosted by the Hummersknott Academy, in Darlington.

The 9 women participants here, however, are all from Skerne Park Academy (primary school) who are very keen to progressively use Choice Theory throughout the school in the year(s) ahead. This initiative is being energetically lead by headteacher Kate Chisholm, and guided and supported by Louise Willis Keeler, who co-facilitated the training along with John Brickell.


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New Practicum Supervisor Programme (PSP)

Do you want to join our Faculty team and become a Practicum Supervisor ? If so, we have a new PSP starting in 29th & 30th January 2019, in Newcastle (in the Quays area)

The format for the PSP basically consists of  3 Phases :

(I) Phase 1 (training phase) which consists of two consecutive workshop days – which sets out the "pathway ahead", as well as delivers on some key elements for running future practicums.

(ii) Mentoring phase – where you are involved in co-facilitating future practicum sessions (run by existing/qualified Practicum Supervisors). This is done whilst receiving mentoring and coaching by myself and other 'Faculty' of WGI-UK

(iii) Endorsement – where you demonstrate your readiness (usually while co-facilitating on a "live" Practicum) to become endorsed as a Practicum Supervisor.  

The cost for all of the above 3 phases is £650.00 when paid in advance (or it can be paid in 2 instalments of £250.00 and 1 of 200.00).

Please let me (John Brickell) know if you are interested in joining us for this PSP 'Phase 1'. 


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Basic Instructor Endorsement

Toni SeanA big congratulations to Toni Groundwater and Sean Humphreys who, last week, in Edinburgh, completed their endorsement to become Basic Instructors. This journey has taken some two years, during which time they have supported and co-facilitated on many of the workshops run by Ruth Bradbrook and myself, and additionally have taken a lead teaching role on at least 3 Basic Trainings. Without doubt, Toni and Sean have outstandingly demonstrated their readiness to become a part of our teaching team, and we are delighted to have them "on board".

They have already successfully run introductory trainings within their own organisations, and hopefully their will be many more to come. Sean, who is based in Edinburgh, is the Outreach Co-ordinator with 'Venture Trust', an organisation that works with people to help develop and foster positive personal change, often utilising outdoor and wilderness environments. Toni, who is based in Glasgow, is a Social Movement Manager with 'See Me Scotland', an organisation – funded by the Scottish Government & Comic Relief – that initiates programmes designed to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.

The photo here shows them happily at the end of the last endorsement day.

Congratulations, once again.
John Brickell (Director of Faculty Development)

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Latest Advanced Workshop

The latest CTRTC programme workshop was held in Sothhampton recently.

The workshop was held at Southampton University Hospital, from left to right : Rory Norton, John Perry, Aubin de Gruchy, John Brickell (wokshop leader), Ann-Kristin Elvestad Odegaard, and Leonard Citron. A very enjoyable and quality learning experience was had by all, and John Brickell's evaluation is that all 5 participants are right on track for Certification in the not-too-distant future. Congratulations to everybody !

 Adv group image6

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Basic Instructor Training

3 New Instructors in the Making

instructorsThe handsome trio here are Sean Humphreys, Toni Groundwater and Richard Cooke, all looking full of positive vibes having just completed the initial training phase of the Basic Instructor Programme, which was held, on 7th & 8th November, at the 'Venture Trust' office centre in Edinburgh. The training was led by John Brickell who will also be overseeing the 'mentoring phase' of the programme that follows next.

Both Toni and Sean work as outreach coordinators for the Venture Trust organisation and Richard is a programme development manager for the 'Prince's Trust/Fairbridge', in Edinburgh. So all 3 have extensive experience of working with young people (sometimes using "outdoor environments") where the focus is on personal development and, often times, dealing with challenging behaviours, and where the ideas and skills of CT/RT & LM are both highly applicable and practically effective.

We look forward to keeping you updated on Toni, Sean and Richard's progress.

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