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New Practicum Supervisor Programme (PSP)

Do you want to join our Faculty team and become a Practicum Supervisor ? If so, we have a new PSP starting in 29th & 30th January 2019, in Newcastle (in the Quays area)

The format for the PSP basically consists of  3 Phases :

(I) Phase 1 (training phase) which consists of two consecutive workshop days – which sets out the "pathway ahead", as well as delivers on some key elements for running future practicums.

(ii) Mentoring phase – where you are involved in co-facilitating future practicum sessions (run by existing/qualified Practicum Supervisors). This is done whilst receiving mentoring and coaching by myself and other 'Faculty' of WGI-UK

(iii) Endorsement – where you demonstrate your readiness (usually while co-facilitating on a "live" Practicum) to become endorsed as a Practicum Supervisor.  

The cost for all of the above 3 phases is £650.00 when paid in advance (or it can be paid in 2 instalments of £250.00 and 1 of 200.00).

Please let me (John Brickell) know if you are interested in joining us for this PSP 'Phase 1'. 


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