The Executive Board

  • Geraldine Rowe
    Geraldine Rowe
  • Moira Oliver
    Moira Oliver
  • John Brickell
    John Brickell
  • Ruth Bradbrook
    Ruth Bradbrook

Moira Oliver - WGI -UK Treasuer and Membership Co-ordinator:  My role within the Faculty is the Young People and Education Co-Ordinator and I am also a Practicum Supervisor . I have a BA Hons in Early Years and have worked with pre-school children in a range of Early Years settings for Social Services, Education and the Voluntary Sector.  I have worked as an Early Years Advisor and an Inspector. I have run several parenting classes and also training in Choice Theory for Early Years Practitioners. At present I teach students and teachers how to use Choice Theory in their own lives with a company called 'Out of Control'. See the Practitioner page for details.

John Brickell – Director of Faculty Development: John is a senior faculty member, of the William Glasser International, European and UK organisations. He has taught CT/RT in North America, the Middle East, the Far East, in various European countries and throughout the UK. Along with Dr Bob Wubbolding, he is the co-author of ‘Counselling With Reality Therapy’ (now in it’s 2nd edition, 2015), and ‘A Set of Directions for Putting & Keeping Yourself Together’ (2001), a personal development book utilising CT/RT ideas.

Dr Geraldine Rowe – Quality Schools Executive Faculty.  Having worked as an Educational Psychologist in several Local Authorities, I now work as an independent consultant and trainer in Applied Educational Psychology. Past  roles have included Specialist Senior EP for Behaviour, EP Team leader, Parent Partnership Coordinator and Manager of Behaviour and Attendance, and I also worked for a year on the senior management of an alternative provision free school for students who were not connecting well with their previous schools. My doctoral  thesis from UCL Institute of Education was on Pupil Participation in Classroom Decision-Making from the Teacher’s Perspective. When not working and studying I enjoy singing, rowing (in boats, not arguing), gardening and family life.

Ruth Bradbrook – Coordinator of Training:  Ruth Bradbrook is a member of the Executive Faculty of the William Glasser Institute UK, and is the UK representative of William Glasser International. She is a Practicum Supervisor and Basic Instructor. Her role within the Faculty is to Coordinate the Certification Training programme. Ruth’s background and expertise comes from working face to face with vulnerable young people, and she now runs a training company called ‘Developing Youth Practice’ which offers training to youth practitioners using choice theory to engage vulnerable young people and motivate behaviour change. See practitioner page for details.