Reality Therapy Counsellor Certificate (RTC)

Training to acheive Reality Therapy Accredited Counsellor is  through the European Institute for Reality Therapy. The programme has been developed in accordance with European Association for Reality Therapy (EART) training standards.

The training is a 4-year training programme with minimum of 1098 hours for the individuals who work in the field of counselling or for those who want to train to become counsellors.

Conditions for entering education is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in humanities (psychology, medicine, social work, pedagogy, sociology, theology,…) or equivalent and be in a position to work with people (in counselling, leadership/management or teaching).
Persons without previous formal education in humanities, but with a long work experience in the field of counselling also fulfil the required conditions.


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Accredited by the European Institute for Reality Therapy