Uses in Supervising, Managing & Coaching

The idea and approaches of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy are also applied extensively with organisations, including schools, to replace external control psychology with Choice Theory as the psychology that underlies the whole operation or 'system'. In practice, this means moving from a 'boss-management' approach to one of 'Lead-Management'. Lead-managers continually work to create a non-coercive environment where students / workers can self evaluate and achieve quality work.

The only way any organisation will achieve the goal (of quality work) is if the 'lead-manager' can persuade students/ workers to continually upgrade 'the system' and all they do, by communicating and relating in ways that build trust. This is not to suggest some laissez-faire kind of approach, far from it.

But it does mean that the Lead-Manager / teacher becomes more of a 'leader' and 'coach' rather than a 'boss' who tries to use external controls such as punishments, threats or bribes in order to 'motivate' people but in the process drives out creativity, belonging, trust, loyalty, enterprise, responsibility, 'joy in work' and other essential ingredients that lead to quality. Indeed, for a 'boss' the very idea of 'joy in work' would be an oxymoron!