The Take Charge of Your Life (TCOYL) workshop is a welcome addition to the Choice Theory training programme. It has been designed and written by William Glasser International. As the mission of the William Glasser International organization is to share Choice Theory with the world, this new workshop was developed to provide an easy-to-follow format that all certified “CTRTC” members can use with minimal extra training and expense. Contact Moira to find out how to become an accredited facilitator.

It’s intended to be offered to members of the public who wish to learn how to apply Choice Theory psychology to their own lives.

It is essentially a six-hour workshop, though this may be presented in a variety of formats. Either in one day, two three-hour sessions or three two-hour sessions.

These are the sessions, and they are each about 1 hour in duration:
 Shift your mental model
 Discover Your Basic needs wants and beliefs
 Create Positive Relationship Habits
 Learn the Power of Perception
 Understand the components of behaviour
 Take Charge of Your Life

This exciting development of the Take Charge of Your Life workshop has been delivered in many countries around the world since 2016. Since March 2019 we can offer it here in the UK.